The works of

Kari K. Barry

Established writer, software developer and emerging media artist focusing on the convergence of identity and technology in postmodern society. She is an architect of experiences that blend the physical world with the virtual, forging nascent spaces where something entirely new can be discovered.

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Part 1: Professional development

Enterprise grade

The most important agency that a person has is executive function, because a great idea is nothing but that: an idea. Over the last four years, Kari has been focused on the development of industry leading tools that leverage the power of APIs to connect disparate, siloed and often antiquated systems with the kind of functionality that users expect in the present age of intuitive, consumer focused apps.


In 2020 Kari co-founded Binox LLC. with one simple goal in mind: to synchronize data between software that businesses use to deliver their services and marketing automation used to drive growth.

Digital Transformation

Developing Binox required the simultaneous translation of data from one system to another in a way that ensured transactions would synchronize properly. Some products were modern and supported RESTful APIs, but others were legacy systems that only supported ancient protocols. Kari pushed for several of the vendors she worked with to modernize.

Lasting impact

Despite having millions, sometimes billions in revenue, most of the software as a service providers in the managed services industry have been content to rest on their laurels and technical debt.

Integrator Initial API (2019) Initial Problems Current API (2023)
AutoTask SOAP Polling HTTP REST
Keap XML-RPC No Webhooks HTTP REST
Quosal Sell Web Scraping HTTP REST

Service at scale

The architecture of an application determines a number of things, namely flexibility when encountering a variety of scenarios. Kari transitioned Binox from a series of Kubernetes clusters hosted on Google Cloud Platform to serverless functions which reduced costs and increased scalability.


Part 2: Creative expression

Across the digital divide

The present landscape of media is diversified by means of engagement. People scroll through accelerated web pages on their smartphones, chew through episodic videos with their TVs, listen to songs and podcasts on earbuds, and read out articles across a myriad of screens. Through this divergence, activities which bring people together and excite their shared time and space are essential. Kari’s works strive to unify form and function, delivering seamless experiences for clients of all shapes and sizes.


Redefining mixed reality sculpture and presentation

Commissioned by O’Riley Media and The Shmoo Group, Háček has been erected at multiple events and locations including Times Square in New York City and The Library of Congress in Washington DC. The task was to create a mesh sculpture to be combined with projection, such that visualized data of cyber attacks could be projected onto it. Taking things a step further, Kari worked with other engineers in the Unity game engine to integrate an ancillary VR component into the sculptural piece, allowing the player wearing a headset to ‘ride’ the data, while having their position displayed on the surface of the sculpture.
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Mixed Reality Deck

at VR World NYC

Another method for hybridizing realities, this involved using the classic video magic of chroma keying to subtract the background from a subject using a VR headset. Their likeness would then be composited into a rendering of the program they were using, allowing bystanders an immediate 1:1 view of the person in virtual space.

AR Mascot app

Bringing life to Stonybrook's Wolfie

Augmented reality is quickly evolving into a contested zone of competing technologies. No longer too intensive for mobile applications, AR has the potential to reach more people than ever, yet it constantly gets held back by proprietary ideas which prevent it from reaching its true potential. Kari developed a unified workflow of Unity Prefabs to target the largest audience of iOS and Android users for SBU's digital mascot app.

Sights and Sounds

Truly phenomenal works feature strong appeals to our senses. It is through the eyes and ears of spectators that we are able to transmit our creations into their imaginations. Kari has been working in the field of Audio Visual technologies for over a decade, building a strong ad practicum for producing both traditional and experimental media installations and shows. Recently she has been the Live Sound Engineer for New York’s The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) and Art Expo.

  • Audio
  • Visual
  • Magic
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Up and coming

Kari is still working on developing this website with more examples of the work she has done within spheres of transgender philosophy, fine art photography and progressive web app development. Please stay tuned and feel free to contact her at if you have any questions or would like to work with her on your upcoming projects.